The West Orange Trail is part of the State of Florida's award winning coast to coast connection trails and is a huge contributor of eco-tourism bringing people to Winter Garden. This 21 mile stretch of trail starting at Killarney Station in Oakland and ending on Welch Road in Apopka, gives you a taste of not only the beautiful environment that surrounds us but also the deep history that makes our town a special place to call home. When you head down the paved elements of this trail, keep in mind that most of this stretch is built on old railroad tracks, this should give you an idea of the old bustling citrus exporting hub that Winter Garden was once known for.

Today, the West Orange Trail brings in close to one million people per year and you can see people enjoying the fresh air and beautiful landscapes from sunrise to sunset. (the Trail is more than 50 miles when you ride into Lake County and when the C2C Trail is complete it will be over 250 miles.) Here are some helpful reminders for when you embark on your West Orange Trail adventure:

There are four main stations on the West Orange Trail:

Each station provides parking, restrooms, water, air for tires, bike racks, picnic tables, and playgrounds. Killarney Station also has a concession stand for snacks and treats for your journey ahead. And if you need a way to get from point A to point B, bikes and skates are available for rent at the Killarney Station (West Orange Trail Bikes and Blades) and Winter Garden Station (Wheelworks). The West Orange Trail is versatile for people of all fitness levels versatility when either jogging, biking, blading, for instance, if you are looking for a longer haul the Trail is more than 50 miles when you ride into Lake County and when the Coast to Coat Trail is complete it will be over 250 miles.