Site Plan for The Old Packing Plant provided by the City of Winter Garden

Gary Hasson is the new owner of the old citrus packing plant on Tildenville School Road.  Mr. Hasson wants to re-purpose the old buildings in Winter Garden that once operated as a citrus packing plant for the South Lake Apopka Citrus Growers Association.

Built in the early 1900s, the packinghouse is a well-known icon of West Orange County’s citrus past and is currently located right along the West Orange Trail.  The 40,000 square-foot building will be restored and repurposed into a mixed-use neighborhood-oriented market. Mr. Hasson envisions office users, mom and pop shops, small eateries, a center for the arts and a community meeting place.

Residents will be able to walk, ride their bike or drive a golf cart to the Packing Plant and relax in a variety of community spaces – some indoor and some outdoor.  Renovations will include beautifying the exterior, adding balconies, bringing the building up to code and giving the interior a vintage packing plant feel.

Mr. Hasson stated that now that approvals have been granted by the City, he plans to move quickly in finalizing his plans and will start making decisions on tenants shortly.

He plans to work closely with the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation as he renovates and repurposes the building with the plan being to include historic photos and citrus labels so that the history of the original use is celebrated and not forgotten.

City leaders believe this project will provide the community with a pedestrian-friendly local gathering place and respite for trail users.