Health Central Surgery Center

Why does Health Central have a Surgery Center outside the main facility? The Surgery Center, which is located on the southeast side of the hospital, is for outpatient surgeries only. They perform Orthopaedic, Podiatry, Urology, General and Vascular, and Pain Management procedures.

If you have a scheduled procedure at the Surgery Center, a nurse will call you the day before to give you pre-op instructions. Usually, we recommend that patients not eat or drink anything after midnight and leave all valuable personal items at home. Bring your insurance card and driver's license and any co-pay. Typically, surgeries here do not last longer than one hour, although some Orthopaedic procedures last two hours.

You should arrive at the Surgery Center one to two hours before your scheduled time. A nurse will be with you to help with the admission process and get your IV started. Then the anesthesiologist will administer your drugs. You will be taken to the OR; recovery is at your own pace.

You will have personalized attention for our staff from the time you walk into the Surgery Center until the time you are discharged. A follow-up call from one of our nurses is always done the day after your procedure.

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