#CityHallSelfieDay 2019

Calling all community members to snap a SELFIE on the steps of Winter Garden City Hall, 300 W. Plant St., on Thursday, August 15th!


Share your selfie here on Winter Garden Experience and get recognized! Participants will be eligible for a $50 Visa gift card.


Prizes will be awarded in the following 10 categories (one prize, per category):

Best #CityHallSelfie Daytime Selfie
Best #CityHallSelfie Nighttime Selfie
Most Creative #CityHallSelfie
Funniest #CityHallSelfie
Best Dressed #CityHallSelfie
Best Hat in a #CityHallSelfie
Best Individual #CityHallSelfie
Best Group #CityHallSelfie
Best Use of #CityHallSelfie Props
Best #CityHallSelfie with Kids


Also, post your selfie on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with #CityHallSelfie on AUGUST 15th to be a part of the global-recognized #CityHallSelfie Day!

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To be eligible for Winter Garden prizes, selfie pictures must be uploaded to this page and must be received on Aug. 15, 2019, from 12:00 am - 11:59 p.m., to be eligible for prizes. A limit of three (3) selfies per participant can be submitted for consideration. Prize eligibility is limited to persons 18 years old or older. There is no purchase necessary to participate. All pictures will be reviewed for content before posting. Selfie posts will be compiled on the Winter Garden Experience #CityHallSelfie Day event page, and may also appear on Winter Garden Experience Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms, as well as on other Winter Garden Experience pages and the City of Winter Garden website. By posting a photo, participants fully understand that there is no guarantee of privacy and hereby agree to have their photos posted in the public forum of Winter Garden and ELGL social media platforms and websites. All pictures become the property of Winter Garden Experience/Alarie Design Associates Inc. and City of Winter Garden. The intent of #CityHallSelfie Day is solely to show pride in local government services and facilities, however, one $50.00 Visa gift card prize for each of the 10 categories will awarded in the spirit of fun. If more than one person appears in the selfie, the prize will be awarded solely to the person who uploaded the photo. The winning selfies will be announced and displayed on the Winter Garden Experience #CityHallSelfie Day event page. City of Winter Garden employees are not eligible to win. A panel of judges will determine the winners. The winners will be individually notified through Winter Garden Experience social media platform messaging and by no later than Aug. 20, 2019. Winners must be able to personally pick up their prize, and show identification, during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., M-F, and by no later than Aug. 30, 2019. 

#CityHallSelfie Day Background Information
Our City is joining cities around the globe to participate in the #CityHallSelfie Day global campaign hosted by Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) to show pride in local government services and facilities …and have some FUN. Additional information about #CityHallSelfie Day can be found at https://elgl.org/cityhallselfie.


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